The Council

The council exists as a forum for the most notable magic users to address their concerns and grievances, a organization to suppress knowledge of magic, and as a sort of defense against existential threats. Currently it has around 50 members. There is some distinction between Junior and Senior members, and Ranked members. Junior members are people who have passed the general knowledge test to be on the council. Senior members are members of the council who have lived a hundred years or more (or have done something particularly noteworthy and been voted to senior member), and Ranked members (The Artificer, The Necromancer, The Archmage, and possibly others?) These are positions awarded by tests specific to that discipline. Being a senior member allows you two votes; having a position with a name allows you an additional one.

Many of them can do mindwiping, but it seems most people in positions of power have already been programmed for years to try and cover up any evidence of magic. The system has become somewhat self sustaining, so little maintenance needs to be done.

Notable Members:

Aries Tanem
The Necromancer

The Archmage—Apparently the current Archmage, the most powerful wizard on the planet, is currently trapped in some way in one of the battlefields. What I got from their conversation is he is suspended in a bubble of time that flows much slower than ours, and no one has figured out a good way to get him out yet.
Shelby Coppolino—The head of a coven that operates out of DC. Just over a hundred, she is a senior member.

The Council

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