List of Magical Materials

Some magical materials we’ve encountered:

Aegis Iron: Blocks magical energy. Also if it enters the body stops the casting of magic.

Shadowcrystal: No idea what these are. Sam has two, they are a part of Syllus’ short range teleportation spell.

Bloodrock: No idea yet.

Ghoul Dust: dust from a corpse inhabited by a ghoul. Used as a necromatic reagent.

Shade’s Essence: Used to “Bridge the gap between life and death”. Hard to get—Syllus’ notebooks describe the process.

Nemeton Wood: A kind of wood that can live off and conduct magic. Extremely rare.

Eredrite—can be used to channel magical energy

Calite—when ground, can be cast into shields for various frequencies of magic

Mountain Copper—a metal that is apparently pretty easy to animate via magic.

Heatstone—heats in the presence of ambient magic.

Dryiron—metal that reacts violently when exposed to fluids.

Alwranth—A kind of metal apparently important in translocation spells.

Living Jade—A metal used to make magical replacement limbs.

Flowstone—Metal only hard when you hit it, but is otherwise like clay.

Voidstone—sucks magical energy from things, sickening living things and making casting harder.

Soulstones—apparently grow in pools in caves, very hard to mine. The Waterhouse notes don’t say much about these.

List of Magical Materials

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