The Fall of Baltimore

Barrytopia First three months

The players spent about 10k on new industry Eastcliff, threw a feast, and successfully warded off a raid this season. You spent another 2k on military upkeep, and got about 31k income (two of your provinces increased in prosperity, and one increased in population slightly).

At the coronation, representatives from Renard and the CORGIES showed up. Renard’s emissary presented Barry with a fine gold crown as a gift and the CORGIES dropped by several fine horses. There was also a letter delivered from Grandmother Secrets congratulating Barry, and a gift of Eredite from Aries.

Whitewater fell, leaving the CORGIES in complete control of the Twin Rivers. Without any allies, The Ocean fell back to their swamp. The CORGIES are now asking that you cut off food to Renard, and are requesting permission to march through your land. Renard is asking that you stop the trade of metal goods to the CORGIES.

As a pleasant surprise, one of the former CORGIES you spared several years ago and who Sam set up with an apprenticeship to a blacksmith shows up, having heard about your new forges and recognized your names. He has brought several other well trained aspiring blacksmiths and is looking for work and a chance to pay back your kindness.

In the dungeons
Much angst

They hang out in the dungeon for several weeks. Sam yells at everyone. Barry and Aldwin return. Zane cuts the thumbs off the remaining knights, decides that “yeah, he WOULD like to work for King Barry after all,” and lets everyone go home.

Negotiating with Zane
This is where it all goes downhill

4 days after the assassination, they try and jump Zane, and he fucks them up hard. They lose 6 knights and 4 Red Badges. Everyone is hurt pretty badly.

The assassination

The murder goes exactly as planned! Sam drops a lake on the Thorns, and Charity ripped the head off Lady Thorn with her bare hands and drank the blood as it spouted from her neck.

Planning the as Part 2
Still boring

This session the party leaves Everwood and returns to Baltimore. Details of the assassination plans come together, and they contact and interview The Ivy Assassin, who creeps them the fuck out.

Log: Planning the assassination

The players grilled Abner for more information on their intended targets, allowed a strike force armed with nerve gas to bypass the magical barrier between the Red River army and the White Water army. They then went home, after deciding the order in which they were going to assassinate The Thorns.

Timeline of prior adventures
  • Barry, Brooklyn, and Sam first meet to investigate the death of Barry’s mom.
  • Barry, Brooklyn, and Thomas kill Jeremy, a “priest” of the Necromancer, who killed Barry’s mom in an attempt to steal Niklaus.
  • The adjuster seeks Sam’s and the parties help for reasons no one can quite recall. The three end up rescuing Barry’s sister, Maggie from the Sons of Loki, who were using her to find Niklaus. During all of this, Fuckin Jeremy’s girlfriend, who is a vampire, attempts to take revenge on the party. Barry brutally murders her after she scoops out Brooklyn’s eye. Somehow, Brooklyn only gets sexier. The party then assassinates all of the relevant Sons of Loki and reclaim the knife.

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