Syllus Waterhouse

Sam's adopted uncle... sorta


Syllus Waterhouse is John Waterhouse’s adopted child and apprentice, originally from Everwood. He fought in the war along with John, authoring the spell that allowed John to open the rift. We’ve heard Syllus referred to as a necromancer, but we’ve seen him use a variety of disciplines. In our last encounter he demonstrated mental powers, the ability to phase through solid objects, and control the shadow creatures from the “scary sheet”“. We are not sure the extent of his abilities, but he is apparently pretty frightening. ”/characters/aries" class=“wiki-content-link”>Aries Tanem also suspects he was the one who broke into the vault containing The Titans in order to steal their essence.

Despite the fact that he seems to have absolutely no morals, he seems to have some amount of affection for me due to my relation to his mentor.

Syllus Waterhouse

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