Aries Tanem

The most powerful wizard in Baltimore


Aries Tanem is a powerful wizard and a member of the council. She appears to be in her thirties, is stocky and has short unruly blond hair. She lives on the top floor of an office building downtown, a space that is also used as her lab.

Aries is currently imprisoning The Necromancer via a complex ritual in her lab, powered by some sort of floating sphere. Despite looking fairly young, we have indications that their feud has been going on for around 50 years now. Syllus Waterhouse claims that it started over a disagreement about a woman, but Aries has indicated that she is confining him for the greater good.

Aries also has access to or is some way a custodian of the vault where The Titans and their various dangerous tools are kept.

Aries Tanem

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